Best Dentist in Dehradun - DR.Saurabh Jain & DR.Shailaja Jain

Orthocare is a dentistry center that provides highly specialized dental healthcare. Personal hygiene & sparkling smile begins with good oral health & Orthocare is here to take care of that.

A team of expert & Gold medalists doctors,

DR. SAURABH JAIN & DR. SHAILAJA JAIN, Orthocare is a dental clinic in Dehradun which is fully equipped with diagnosis and treatment units that operate under strict sterilisation and infection-free environment.

We diagnose, prevent & care for every dental need of patients in compliance with high-quality standards. At Orthocare an array of dental treatments await you that are performed by highly competent and experienced dentists in Dehradun. With the philosophy of offering only the safest and best quality treatments, Orthocare pledges to make dental care accessible to all easily

Dental care is an important aspect of healthcare and with Orthocare you can be assured of getting every visit to our dentists helpful and satisfactory. From routine oral checkups to smile makeovers, here is everything a patient seeks. Our doctors work upon every patient with the best practices and upgraded technology for promising results & outcomes. Dedicated to providing a complete range of dental care coverage, at Orthocare you will find the following services :-

  • Correction Of Irregular Teeth
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canal Treatment And Dental Fillings
  • Scaling And Gum Treatment
  • Bleaching/ Tooth Whitening
  • Crowns And Bridges
  • Smile Designing