Treatment offered

  • Correction of irregular teeth - We offer correction of malposed teeth and jaws via the latest techniques of braces, invisible braces, Invisalign, and myofunctional appliances.
  • Dental Implants - Dental Implants have revolutionized dentistry by providing a means of obtaining fixed artificial teeth, in patients who are missing some or all of their natural teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment and Dental fillings- We provide high-quality dental fillings and root canal treatment for decayed teeth with a high success rate and life expectancy. Treatment is virtually painless.
  • Scaling and Gum Surgeries- Advanced treatment of bleeding gums and pyorrhoea to increase the longevity of natural teeth.
  • Crowns and Bridges- Latest metal-free crowns and bridges to reface restore broken down teeth.
  • Bleaching/ Tooth Whitening- Whitening of natural teeth by the world-renowned zoom whitening system.
  • Smile Designing- Get the smile you always wanted by smile designing via braces, porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns.
Braces in Dehradun

Digital Impressions (also known as 3-D intraoral scanning) are the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth. ... After taking a scan of the mouth, we can immediately send the digital impression to a lab where dentures, crowns, bridges, and retainers can be made quickly and accurately

Orthocare Dental Specialty Center offers Digital Impressions as an alternative option to traditional impressions.

Preparing a Digital Impression is comfortable for you, and it results in a highly accurate model of your teeth, and may allow us to show you a simulation of your potential result before you start your treatment.

It eliminates the need of messy impressions and gagging in sensitive patients .

The resultant crowns made from labs are highly accurate with better fit of margins all around the crown .

Braces in Dehradun

Digital impressions are used in restorative dentistry to create tooth replacements, such as crowns, bridges & partial dentures.

Digital impressions can also be used in dental implant procedures, Digital impressions can also be used in dental implant procedures,

Digital impressions can also be used for planning & visualising how to straighten teeth, especially with systems that are already include digital workflow, such as clear aligners like Invisalign®

Digital impressions are taken using an intraoral scanner that creates a detailed 3-D image of your mouth. The scanner is small enough that it fits on the end of a wand. It looks like the tool we use to polish your teeth, only bigger. We take the scan by systematically moving the wand around your mouth as it emits a specialised scanning light. The images of your mouth can be viewed on a computer screen within seconds, to be viewed by both you & the dentist. We love that digital impressions gives our patients an opportunity to see in detail what’s going on in their own mouths

Braces in Dehradun

Payment options

Your smile is yours forever and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic and dental care.

The cost of orthodontic treatment and other dental treatment varies depending on individual needs and treatment plan. Our Treatment Coordinator will discuss with you the cost of your treatment and available payment plan options. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.

We offer

  • Non-interest payment plans
  • Payment in full discount incentive
Braces in Dehradun